Frank’s Auto Body of Rockland County, New York


Where You Can Have Quality And Affordability

Information on the changing world of repair for the customers of Frank’s Auto Body

The business of collision repair and routine vehicle painting has changed dramatically. Strict regulation of emissions and widely available training have all but eliminated the ‘Mom and Pop’ repair facility.

What does this mean to you when your family or fleet vehicle is dam­aged in an accident?

It means you now have the security of calling a qualified, professional body in shop your area….without worrying about whether the job will be done right or whether it will cost more than your car is worth.

Franks is a competitive business. We have invested in the right equip­ment and trained the right personnel. Now we are investing in you, the customer, by bringing our story directly to you.

Compare the level of quality you see here with any business in the tri-­county area and we believe you’ll see the difference.

We want your business. We are prepared to handle any repair and return your vehicle to factory condition. But first we ask that you fairly evaluate us. Visit our facility at 1 Route 59. You’ll like what you see, but more importantly, we know you’ll love the work we do.

You may never need Franks. We can truthfully say that we hope you do not. But if you do, take advantage of the reputation we have built for good service, fair prices and the highest level of workmanship.

Why Choose Franks?